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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - We are open for both consultations and treatments, subject to following a strict Covid-19 protocol in order to protect all our clients and staff.
With very best wishes and sincerely stay safe all of you!  -  Dr Sandeep Pande  

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  • To enable the client to make correct decisions, appropriate to their needs, we ONLY EVER have a fully qualified doctor performing all our treatments.
  • To offer the highest level of care at an affordable price
  • Local expertise without the need for expensive and time consuming travel to Central London or Harley Street.
  • Our doctors allocate up to 60 minutes for a first consultation.
  • Every Consultation comprises:-
    • A full and thorough medical evaluation of the clients needs.
    • Exploring and addressing the clients fears and expectations.
    • Matching the clients requirements to the best available and appropriate treatments.
  • Personalised photographs can be taken before treatment at no extra cost, as a record of your appearance prior to the botox injections.
  • Post Treatment advice and guidance.
  • Flexible availability for post beauty/botox treatment review
  • 'Refer a Friend' enables clients to receive a significant reduction for their own treatment.

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